Learn About the Excitement of Online Casino Game Tournaments

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Few experiences are as exciting as getting to not only pit your wits and skills against other players while playing your favorite titles, but also getting to bag a win as well.

And most reputable wagering websites offer different casino game tournaments for various categories as part of ongoing promotions or specific VIP programs and these events happen to be especially anticipated by fans of those games.

We discuss the benefits, types of competitions and gaming categories usually played during these events.

Benefits of Casino Game Tournaments

In addition to the thrill of playing against other fans of your favorite categories for high stakes, participating in such events also provides additional perks. These include:

Large cash prizes: Depending on the wagering establishment you happen to be registered at, you may have the opportunity to win truly impressive sums of cash. For example, certain betting websites may offer prizes of $3,000. There is also the fact that certain operators may award prizes for runner up positions with some even providing prizes up to the10th position.

Lengthier playing times: Normally, playing for extended periods of time can take quite a toll on your balance and may even place you on the wrong side of a betting operator if a bonus happens to be involved. Participating in a casino competition on the other hand, will enable you to play for longer than usual without the need to spend excessively or any risks of incurring the displeasure of the virtual betting establishment at which you are registered.

Improved skills: Competitions involving options such as blackjack and poker provide an excellent opportunity for you to put those skills to the test in a pressurized environment and can enable you to improve them as a result.

Types of Casino Game Tournaments

Casino Game Tournaments

The type of competition you will be able to participate in depends on the online wagering establishment you are a client of. Examples of the main types frequently offered are:

Free roll competitions: Events in this category do not require participants to pay an entry fee. They are often held by betting websites in order to attract more clients.

Fixed pot competitions: These events are frequently offered by betting websites that set a fixed price sum for the winning participant. For example, a betting website may offer a monthly blackjack tournament with a cash prize of $250 while another will offer a slot competition with a winning prize of $3,000.

High roller competitions: Events in this category happen to be rather exclusive and are offered by betting websites to clients who are part of a VIP scheme.

Prize pot competitions: These involve the payment of a fee which is then added to the overall sum to be offered as a prize to the winner.

Games Popularly Offered

Casino Game Tournaments

As a fan of online competitions, you will find that these events tend to be organised around certain games. Those you are most likely to encounter during such competitions are:

Blackjack: Blackjack tournaments provide fans with the opportunity to play against each other in a series of elimination rounds as opposed to just playing against the dealer. It is also worth noting that the position the dealer will deal from changes with each progressive hand in order to provide participating players with an even advantage. Quite often these events involve the progression of the top players from each table to the next round until a winner is selected.

Poker: Poker tournaments generally involve participants paying a specified sum for chips and players who happen to run out of them during the course of the competition get eliminated and the participant who gets to win them all also wins the competition. Several varieties of competitions exist such as:

  • Free rolls - Events in this category do not require any preliminary payments to be made.
  • Multi-tables - One of the most popular kinds of poker competitions, they consist of various tables with participants allocated to each one. Tables are merged with the progressive elimination of players until those who remain sit at one last table referred to as the finals table.
  • Sit and Go competitions - Rather than having a set starting time, they begin once all available spaces are taken up.
  • Rebuys - One of their main distinguishing features is the fact that participants who may be running low on chips are permitted to purchase more at a set point during the game.

Slots: Betting establishments that offer online competitions in this category will often provide selected slots to be played for a set duration. The leader board is an important part of such events as it reveals the players who have accumulated the most points. The prize pool is also another key aspect and reveals the amounts issued to top players. Slot competitions often provide winning prizes to a selected number of top players as opposed to simply the player with the highest number of points.